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Camera solar 4G +128GB free

Camera solar 4G +128GB free
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Camera solar 4G +128GB free
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A free gift with every external memory camera 128 GB

Camera accuracy 8 megapixels (one year warranty)

(((We are not the only ones, but we are the best guarantee and maintenance)))

- It works on the segment of all 4G networks

It contains 6 strong batteries

- A completely free monitoring system

Contact the 4G 4G Internet

- Monitor the place is a voice and a picture from anywhere in the world

- Easy control ,, rotating 360 degrees developer

- A night vision, the ability to take video or pictures easily from the mobile

Reliable and resistant protection of the ritual weather in IP 67

- The audio feature in two directions is the ability to speak and listen

- A highly sensitive thermal motion sensor with an angle of detection of 120 degrees, the latest version

Suitable for camps, lands and owners of vood

Latest version of the 8 -megapixel solar camera camera

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